Sarah is an experienced osteopath who has a particular interest and expertise in treating babies and children. She loves treating your little one right up to teenagers and beyond. Her love for treating doesn’t end at children, Sarah also loves seeing adult aches and pains, particularly headaches and jaw pain. She loves the opportunity and the journey of treating a pregnant mum and continuing the care for the baby.

Sarah enjoys using a combination of direct (firmer), indirect (gentle) techniques, dry needling and cupping to suit a wide variety of patients. After 19 years of dance involvement and rowing at a national level, Sarah has a keen interest in all sportspeople.

Sarah has nannied for many years and feels she has a knack for making babies feel comfortable and at ease. She also teaches Osteopathy at Victoria University.

She has the mindset that movement is medicine and she is passionate about getting you moving in the best way possible to facilitate your healing.

Sarah works from our Sandringham clinic on Mondays & Thursdays.

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Helen is an experienced and enthusiastic osteopath who strives to get to the root cause of her patients complaints and to help them achieve their recovery goals.

Helen enjoys treating all types of patients from sports people through to the elderly but has a particular passion for treating those suffering from chronic pain conditions, women’s health conditions, and headaches, migraines, vertigo and orofacial pain.

Helen was drawn to osteopathy in her 20s after struggling with headaches, neck pain and jaw pain following a whiplash injury as a teenager. Osteopathy was of such a huge benefit to her that she decided to pursue a career as one. Helen graduated from Unitec in Auckland, New Zealand in 2014 with a Bachelor of applied science degree and a Masters of Osteopathy.  She chose to complete her masters qualification in osteopathic treatment for orofacial pain due to her own personal experience and has found this to be of great value when treating patients with similar complaints.  She spent time working in a headache and migraine clinic and is trained in the Watson Headache approach which is designed for those suffering from chronic headaches and migraines.

Originally from New Zealand, Helen has made Melbourne her home and has settled in Bayside with her Australian husband and two young children. She is a friendly and approachable osteopath that finds great reward in being able to help others.   Being an avid hiker and foodie you will often find her scaling a mountainside or testing her taste buds out in various food joints around Melbourne.

Helen works out of our Mordialloc clinic on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays. 

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Leo completed his Masters of Clinical Sciences (Osteopathy) at Victoria University.  For the previous 15 years, he had been dancing professionally both in Australia and internationally in both Musicals and the Commercial Dance scene.

He is motivated by helping others achieve their peak body vitality – whether that be for performance, sport or everyday life.

“We don’t recognise how valuable pain free movement is until we lose it.  Pain can have such an impact on our day to day lives, affecting our mood, our relationships and our productivity.  My job is to work out why people are suffering pain, explain to them why it’s happening, use my hands to help the body heal and discuss strategies to prevent it occuring again.”

He has a keen interest in treating a range of conditions, from postural conditions to sporting injuries.  He has had some excellent success treating patients suffering from chronic headaches and jaw pain as well as shoulder injuries sustained from sport or gym.

Leo works from our Sandringham clinic on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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Rob is a passionate Osteopath who was attracted to the holistic nature of Osteopathy and the ability to achieve lasting results through treating the underlying cause of pain – not just the symptoms. Rob strives to help people become pain free and reach their personal health goals by using an individualised, holistic style of treatment. Whilst treating, Rob uses a variety of approaches from firm structural techniques such as soft tissue massage and articulation, to gentler styles of treatment suited to each individual. Rob is qualified in dry needling and stretch therapy which he often integrates in to his consultations.

Rob enjoys treating a range of conditions from back pain and shoulder pain to headaches and sporting injuries. Having previously worked a tennis coach and being involved in athletics since the age of eight, Rob understands the stressors place on the body during sport and the impact pain can have on the wellbeing of an athlete. As a result, Rob regularly incorporates stretches and/or exercises in his consultation to reduce the possibility of re-injury.

Outside of work Rob loves spending time outdoors. Rob enjoys finding new hikes to walk, running and spending time at the beach. Rob works from our Sandringham clinic on Tuesdays and Fridays.



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Sarah is a passionate and motivated osteopath who combines a holistic and evidence informed approach to help patients return to optimum function. She utilises hands-on techniques such as soft tissue massage, myofascial release, joint mobilisation & articulation, joint manipulation, muscle energy technique, and dry needling.

Sarah has a background in high level soccer which led to a personal interest in treating sporting injuries and subsequently completing further studies in this area. She is currently completing a Masters of High Performance Sport with a focus on injury prevention and return to sport rehabilitation.

Conservative management of scoliosis is also an area of interest for Sarah. She has completed training in the Schroth Method through Schroth Best Practice. She also has experience in treating neck pain & headaches, jaw pain, lower back pain & sciatica, postural complaints, and pregnancy related pain.

Sarah has spent time abroad as a supervising osteopath, treating patients in India in both private and public hospitals. There she was exposed to many different conditions and injuries, and worked in a collaborative team composed of surgeons, physiotherapists and other specialists. Sarah is also an ASCA level 1 strength and conditioning coach and has spent time at Victoria University as sessional staff, teaching osteopathic students.

Sarah works from our Mordialloc clinic on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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Co-director Kristen is a thoughtful, caring and highly skilled Osteopath. In addition to completing a Masters Degree in Osteopathy, she has gone on to further her knowledge and skills with postgraduate study in the following areas: pregnancy-related conditions, diastasis recti rehabilitation, cycling related injuries, cupping, dry needling therapy, clinical pilates and falls prevention in the elderly.

Kristen has experience in treating a wide variety of patients from children to the elderly, including elite athletes, professional dancers and singers, and patients who suffer from chronic pain conditions.  She takes a professional approach to health and aims to address the cause and not just the symptoms of your pain. She believes in educating her patients about their health in a clear and positive manner, enabling every patient to play a role in their ongoing health management.

Kristen has developed her skills whilst establishing herself as a reputable Osteopath in Bayside Osteopathic and Pilates clinics. She has assisted numerous patients in alleviating their symptoms of back and neck pain, headaches and jaw pain, post-surgical rehabilitation and women’s health complaints (including menstrual pain and pre/post natal problems).

Kristen is a licensed Tupler Technique provider, a research-based rehabilitation approach to diastasis recti, which can be a contributing factor in recurrent injuries, pain and dysfunction.

Kristen is a member of Osteopathy Australia and a clinical supervisor at RMIT University. She is committed to the continuing development of her skills so she can provide her patients with the best possible treatment and care.

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Co-director and Osteopath, Eliza, completed her osteopathic qualification at Victoria University and has 15 years of experience as an osteo. This includes receiving a Masters degree for research on the osteopathic treatment of heartburn. She has developed a particular interest in treating visceral (organ) conditions including asthma and constipation and has completed numerous postgraduate studies in this area in the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

Eliza is a passionate osteopath who empathises strongly with her patients. She treats each patient as an individual and adjusts her treatment according to their specific needs. She enjoys developing a strong rapport with her patients and following through with each and every patient to ensure they receive the best service possible.

With a background heavily influenced by a variety of sports, including 14 years of high league soccer and 12 years of ballet, Eliza has a thorough understanding of the mechanism and treatment of common sporting and leisure-related injuries. She also has a keen interest in areas relating to women’s health. Eliza is also qualified in Chinese cupping, clinical pilates and dry needling therapy.

Eliza has taken her interest in osteopathy even further by becoming a lecturer and clinician of osteopathic students at Victoria University over the past 12 years and has completed a graduate certificate in tertiary education. In 2018 Eliza not only presented at but ran a women’s health conference in Sweden for osteopaths in Scandinavia. She has also presented at an international conference in New Zealand and has undertaken many post graduate courses including in pregnancy, visceral (organ) techniques and rehabilitation of injuries.

Mum of one, Eliza is bayside born and bred and and has a great understanding of treating people of all ages, including children, pregnant women and the elderly.

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