Dr Leo Cornelius


Leo completed his Masters of Clinical Sciences (Osteopathy) at Victoria University.  For the previous 15 years, he had been dancing professionally both in Australia and internationally in both Musicals and the Commercial Dance scene.

He is motivated by helping others achieve their peak body vitality – whether that be for performance, sport or everyday life.

“We don’t recognise how valuable pain free movement is until we lose it.  Pain can have such an impact on our day to day lives, affecting our mood, our relationships and our productivity.  My job is to work out why people are suffering pain, explain to them why it’s happening, use my hands to help the body heal and discuss strategies to prevent it occuring again.”

He has a keen interest in treating a range of conditions, from postural conditions to sporting injuries.  He has had some excellent success treating patients suffering from chronic headaches and jaw pain as well as shoulder injuries sustained from sport or gym.

Leo works from our Sandringham clinic on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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