Dr Rob Walsh


Rob is a passionate Osteopath who was attracted to the holistic nature of Osteopathy and the ability to achieve lasting results through treating the underlying cause of pain – not just the symptoms. Rob strives to help people become pain free and reach their personal health goals by using an individualised, holistic style of treatment. Whilst treating, Rob uses a variety of approaches from firm structural techniques such as soft tissue massage and articulation, to gentler styles of treatment suited to each individual. Rob is qualified in dry needling and stretch therapy which he often integrates in to his consultations.

Rob enjoys treating a range of conditions from back pain and shoulder pain to headaches and sporting injuries. Having previously worked a tennis coach and being involved in athletics since the age of eight, Rob understands the stressors place on the body during sport and the impact pain can have on the wellbeing of an athlete. As a result, Rob regularly incorporates stretches and/or exercises in his consultation to reduce the possibility of re-injury.

Outside of work Rob loves spending time outdoors. Rob enjoys finding new hikes to walk, running and spending time at the beach. Rob works from our Sandringham clinic on Tuesdays and Fridays.



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