What is cupping?

By Eliza Gleadell
July 18, 2018

Ever wondered how cupping works?

Cupping is a technique that all our practitioners at The Osteo Clinic Sandringham are trained in. Cupping utilises the principle of applying a vacuum cup to the treatment area to stimulate blood flow. It is regularly used in the treatment of symptoms such as muscular and joint related pain or stiffness. Cupping helps to stretch the muscle and surrounding connective tissue, otherwise known as fascia.

Cups can be applied on one specific area or can be moved around. Mobile or gliding cupping involves the movement of the cup along the skin via the application of cream or oil. The effect is much like a reverse massage, meaning the skin and muscles aren’t compressed but rather pulled slightly up into the cup, causing increased blood flow, which in turn helps to nourish and deliver oxygen to the tissues. It also encourages the healing process with the therapeutic aim of removing congestion and decreasing pain. Fixed cupping can be used when a tight spot in a muscle is encountered. The cups are applied directly to the site of pain or dysfunction and left for a few minutes.

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