Cricket Shoulder Injuries

By Eliza Gleadell
February 8, 2021

It’s that glorious time of the year again, cricket season is back! Sunny days on the cricket pitch does have a downside though, that niggly shoulder may start to bother you again. 

Why do Shoulder Problems Occur? 

Shoulder problems are one of the most common injuries associated with cricket. This is most likely due to the high number of bowls, bats and throws that are completed at games and during training sessions. These activities, when completed at high repetitions or with incorrect technique, can predispose the shoulder muscles, tendons and ligaments to becoming overstretched. Not completing an adequate warm up can also increase the chances of these changes occurring. This may result in these structures becoming inflamed, irritated and painful. 

In many cases these changes result in rotator cuff tendinopathy or shoulder impingement syndrome. These conditions may present with shoulder pain that is worse when you raise your arm, pain that can radiate into your neck, back or arm and a restriction in range of motion. Both of these conditions may benefit from osteopathic treatment. 

How Can An Osteopath Help?

Your Osteopath will ask a series of questions about your shoulder injury and complete a physical examination of the area. Once a diagnosis has been made they will discuss a treatment plan with you. It is very important to address shoulder flexibility, strength and endurance. Often exercises that work on improving these factors will be prescribed with alterations in how you train.
If your shoulder starts to become painful during the cricket season, consider booking in with one of our friendly osteopaths. 

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