Dr Peter Sehic

Peter is passionate osteopath who completed his 5 years of study from Victoria University. Peter is passionate about the holistic philosophy behind osteopathy, which takes into account each person as an individual with individual needs. Peter also enjoys the challenge of getting to the root of the problem and addressing the underlying cause of an injury. He uses a range of examination techniques including orthopedic, neurological, strength and range of motion testing as well as a thorough case history to achieve this aim.
Once a diagnosis has been made Peter uses a variety of hands-on techniques including joint articulation and manipulation, muscle energy techniques and soft tissue therapy (massage, stretching, trigger point release) to treat the problematic structure/s.
Peter also offers targeted rehabilitation exercises and self-management strategies to facilitate a long-term resolution.
Peter has a keen interest in treating headaches, jaw pain, and resistance training injuries, as well as postural complaints, RSI and general sporting injuries.
Available Mondays and Thursdays in our Mordialloc clinic. 

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