Dr Julia Redfern

Infant Massage Instructor / Osteopath / Pilates Instructor

Working as an Osteopath with babies and children is Julia’s passion. Having a strong interest in pregnancy and fertility, Julia also provides osteopathic care for all aspects of women’s health, including treatment and advice during pregnancy, post-natally, and pelvic floor strengthening for women of all ages.

Julia’s additional qualifications include being an Infant Massage Instructor, Clinical Pilates Instructor and a mum. Her personal experience with a baby and additional postgraduate study in Osteopathic Obstetrics, Paediatrics, Pre & Post Natal Pilates further support her interest in the treatment of women, babies and children. Julia can assist with tongue and lip tie aftercare following frenectomy, working alongside dental and lactation consultant colleagues.

Julia uses a broad range of structural osteopathic techniques for babies and children including gentle massage and stretching of muscles and joints, along with educating parents to assist at home with specific exercises when appropriate. Her adult patients also have the option for joint mobilisation and dry needling if warranted. Having a holistic approach, consultations include advice on posture, nutrition, exercise, and work or home ergonomics to facilitate overall health, injury prevention and rehabilitation.


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