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Dr Eliza Gleadell - Osteopath

Co-director and Osteopath, Eliza, completed her Osteopathic qualification at Victoria University, which involved five years of full time study. This includes receiving a Masters degree for research on the Osteopathic treatment of heartburn. She has developed a particular interest in treating visceral (organ) conditions including asthma and constipation and has completed numerous postgraduate studies in this area in the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

With over 10 years experience, Eliza has taken her interest in Osteopathy even further by becoming a lecturer and clinician of Osteopathic students at Victoria University over the past 7 years. She has presented at an international conference in New Zealand and has undertaken post graduate courses in paediatrics, pregnancy, visceral (organ) techniques and balanced ligamentous tension techniques.

Eliza is a passionate Osteopath who empathises strongly with her patients. She treats each patient as an individual and adjusts her treatment according to their specific needs. She enjoys following through with each and every patient to ensure they receive the best service possible.

With a background heavily influenced by a variety of sports, including 14 years of high league soccer and 12 years of ballet, Eliza has a thorough understanding of the mechanism and treatment of common sporting and leisure-related injuries. She also has a keen interest in areas relating to women’s health. Eliza is also qualified in Chinese cupping, clinical pilates and dry needling therapy.

Eliza is bayside born and bred and has worked as an Osteopath in Bayside for the last ten years. Before opening The Osteo Clinic Sandringham, she worked in four Osteopathic clinics, both in and outside Melbourne and has a great understanding of treating people of all ages, including children, pregnant women and the elderly. 

Should you wish to book an appointment or have any further enquiries you can contact The Osteo Clinic.

Dr Kristen Manallack - Osteopath

Co-director, Kristen is a thoughtful, caring and highly skilled Osteopath. In addition to completing a Masters Degree in Osteopathy, she has gone on to further her knowledge and skills with post graduate study in the following areas: pregnancy related conditions, diastasis recti rehabilitation, cycling related injuries, cupping, dry needling therapy, clinical pilates and falls prevention in the elderly.

Kristen has experience in treating a wide variety of patients from children to the elderly, including elite athletes, professional dancers and singers and patients who suffer from chronic pain conditions.  She takes a professional approach to health and aims to address the cause and not just the symptoms of your pain. She believes in educating her patients about their health in a clear and positive manner, enabling every patient to play a role in their ongoing health management.

Kristen has developed her skills whilst establishing herself as a reputable Osteopath in Bayside Osteopathic and Pilates clinics. She has assisted numerous patients in alleviating their symptoms of back and neck pain, headaches and jaw pain, post surgical rehabilitation and women’s health complaints (including menstrual pain and pre/post natal problems).

Kristen is a licenced Tupler Technique provider, a reseach based rehabilitation approach to diastasis recti, which can be a contributing factor in reccurent injuries, pain and dysfunction.

Kristen is a member of Osteopathy Australia and a clinical supervisor at RMIT university. She is committed to the continuing development of her skills so she can provide her patients with the best possible treatment & care. Kristen looks forward to seeing you in The Osteo Clinic.

Dr Julia Redfern - Osteopath, Clinical Pilates Instructor, Infant Massage Instructor 

Working as an Osteopath with babies and children is Julia’s passion. Having a strong interest in pregnancy and fertility, Julia also provides osteopathic care for all aspects of women's health, including treatment and advice during pregnancy, post-natally, and pelvic floor strengthening for women of all ages. Julia's additional qualifications include being an Infant Massage Instructor, Clinical Pilates Instructor and a mum. Her personal experience with a baby and additional postgraduate study in Osteopathic Obstetrics, Paediatrics,  Pre & Post Natal Pilates further support her interest in the treatment of women, babies and children. Julia can assist with tongue and lip tie aftercare following frenectomy, working alongside dental and lactation consultant colleagues.  

Julia uses a broad range of structural osteopathic techniques for babies and children including gentle massage and stretching of muscles and joints, along with educating parents to assist at home with specific exercises when appropriate. Her adult patients also have the option for joint mobilisation and dry needling if warranted. Having a holistic approach, consultations include advice on posture, nutrition, exercise, and work or home ergonomics to facilitate overall health, injury prevention and rehabilitation. 

Kate Cavalot - Myotherapist

Kate grew up on the Mornington Peninsula and completed her Advanced Diploma of Remedial Massage/Myotherapy at Chisholm Institute in 2011. She worked as a Myotherapist at a leading myotherapy clinic on the Peninsula for three years before moving to Brisbane at the beginning of 2014. Kate held a position at a popular multidisciplinary health services clinic in the heart of Brisbane as a Myotherapist for six months, before accepting the position of Head Therapist.

After returning home to Melbourne in January, Kate is excited to share her experience and outstanding hands-on skills with clients of The Osteo Clinic. Kate is passionate about health and wellbeing, and prides herself on a friendly and nurturing approach to her clients. She is thorough with a well-developed eye for detail, and she tailors each treatment to suit her client’s needs.  Kate uses a range of treatment methods to achieve optimal outcomes for her clients, including:

  • dry needling;
  • cupping;
  • trigger point therapy;
  • myofacial release;
  • corrective exercise prescription; and
  • a range of stretching techniques.

Kate enjoys seeing her patients’ long-term benefits from her treatments and loves educating clients on body awareness and the benefits of Myotherapy. She has a particular interest in the treatment of pregnant and postnatal mothers. Additionally, Kate’s key clients have included various national and Olympic athletes, and organisations such as The Queensland Ballet, Queensland Reds and Brisbane Broncos. Contact the clinic or send an appointment request to book your appointment with Kate.

Angela Kenny - Pilates Instructor


Angela holds a Certificate IV in Pilates, Certificate IV in Fitness and a Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance. As a person that lives and breathes health and wellbeing, it is Pilates that she is extremely passionate about.  She has been practicing Pilates for over 14 years and credits it to keeping her strong and pain free whilst working a career behind a desk in Finance.  Pursuing her dream to be a Pilates instructor, Angela is Inspired to teach others to achieve the body awareness to perform correct movement that is pain free.  Angela enjoys working with clients in a 1:1 and small group environment and has extensive experience working alongside physiotherapists and osteopaths in a clinical rehabilitative setting.  She thrives on creating a personalised and challenging program that achieves results in returning her client to a fully functioning body.

Tania Jennings - Pilates Instructor

Having had a diverse career in the past working as a nanny, promotional model, beautician, business owner and various roles in the corporate world, one thing that has stayed consistent throughout is my love for health and fitness. I have always been involved in fitness, mainly in strength training, running, martial arts, or high intensity training.

Having a setback with my health in 2012, and ongoing lower back pain, I decided to take a more gentle approach to health and fitness and introduced regular Pilates classes into my routine.
This helped me discover a whole new perspective and outlook towards my health and fitness, incorporating a mind, body and soul connection, which are the authentic principles of Pilates.
It was a natural progression to want to help others reap the many benefits that Pilates has brought to my life, therefore I decided to complete a Diploma of professional Pilates Instruction.
Learning about correct breathing patterns, alignment of the body and posture, the deep core stabilising muscles and pelvic floor are just some of the basic foundations that you will learn in Pilates that will be continually built on and incorporated with each exercise. 
I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to help others with their own ailments and assist in getting the best out of their bodies, whether the goal is to be pain free, experience more flexibility and range of movement, better posture, stronger core or just to experience the many overall benefits that Pilates will bring. 

Dr Anna Pattison - Osteopath


Anna graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Science (Clinical Science) and a Masters of Osteopathy. Anna has also furthered her Osteopathic skill set in dry needling and cupping, her intention is to continue to expand on her knowledge and skills to provide the best treatment for her clients. Whilst studying osteopathy, Anna doubled as a sports trainer for Werribee Centrals Football and Netball club. Here, she developed a passion for treating and managing sports injuries, for both netball and football players. This provided essential experience working with Athletes, allowing Anna to refine her treatment and rehabilitation, enabling a strong focus on return to sport programs tailored to each individual. Outside of sports injuries, Anna enjoys treating a wide range of conditions, including headaches, shoulder pain, back and neck pain and pregnancy related aches and pains.

 Anna has also had the opportunity to work alongside orthopaedic surgeons, physiotherapists, and radiologists in Mumbai, India. Here she spent four weeks observing surgeries, assisting in consultations and rehabilitation of clients, pre and post sports medicine surgery. This rare experience provided Anna with invaluable knowledge and experience she has been able to integrate into her treatments with her clients.

 Anna is passionate about achieving optimal health for all her clients through the application of the osteopathic principles- treating the body as a whole. Her friendly and bubbly personality in conjunction with an individualised approach enables her to keep her clients motivated towards healthy living. Anna believes “in empowering her clients with the knowledge, tools and support that will provide them with the ability to achieve their own health journey. 


Kim Myer - 5th year student Osteopath

Kim is currently completing her final semester of her masters of osteopathy at Victoria University and has been working within the clinic for 3 years. From July 2018 she will be completing her internship with us to further refine her clinical knowledge. Kim is a passionate student who has been developing her skills throughout her studies working within a football club and participating in community osteopathic clinics. Kim has establised a special interest in helping people with osteoarthritis, she endeavours to empower patients by education, and tailoring the best evidence based treatment plans. Eliza and Kristen will be supervising and mentoring Kim throughout her internship at The Osteo Clinic Sandringham. 





Initial Osteopathy    45-60 min     $98 
Initial Paediatric 0-2 yrs Osteopathy    60 min $105 
Standard Osteopathy 30 min $85

Remedial Massage / Myotherapy

60 minutes $95
30 minutes $60

Clinical Pilates       

Initial Assessment - includes Gripsox 60 min $85
One on One session 60 min $78
Small Group Class 60 min $39
Small Group Class (block of 10) $360